Sierra Valley Field Trip

May 12-14 2019, I drove up to Portola, CA to visit my long time friend Burnell, and to spend a couple of days exploring the Sierra Valley, a high elevation Alpine meadow, and its spring time revery. Here are a few pictures capturing the splendid view.
The sounds and smells were also inspirational and refreshing.
Lots of Vernal Pools and wetlands in the Valley this spring.

Near "Island Ranch". The house is just above water surrounded by seasonal wetland.

Yellow Headed Black Bird, looking for love.

White Face Ibis in all its iridescent glory.

White Face Ibis Rookery. There had to be at least 400 birds in sight. They build raised nests made of sticks sitting above the damp ground. . The boys would fly accross the road to colleect a prime stick to offer the female for her nest.

Raven Nest topping a corral entry gate. Male and Female switching off nest and food duty. No little heads poping up yet….

Osprey Nest, Male and Female switcing off nest duty.

Red Wing Black Bird… Showing off those colors!

Tree Swallow. I also saw Barn Swallows.

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